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Short Day, Long Show
The students at Shawnee had a half day at school today, however, Shawnee TV got to produce an extended length show! We started off with an awesome intro produced by Ryan Sims and Crew, next we take it to another segment produced by Lech called "Noodie Talk" where Jackson Flynn explains the "new style" shirt. Brandon Harris brought back "Question of the Week" this week. Then we take it to a cell phone PSA produced by Connor and Zach. Snowden and Mars come back with another episode of "Awkward Interviews" and finally, we close the show with a recap of "Shawnee's Got Talent"

22 Mar 2013
Shawnee's Got Talent... and a School Store
Ryan Sims and David Hamaty host this edition of the Renegade Morning Show. We kick of the show with a promo for Shawnee High School's talent show, Shawnee's Got Talent. Next we take it to another episode of Speed Script, and finally, we take it to a new school store segment.

18 Mar 2013
This week's show starts off with Brad Teske's awesome new graphics package. Jay Mack finally makes his debut after 4 long years, alongside Gabriella Flamini. First we take to a Read Across America recap, then we show Shawnee the photos selected for Teen Arts in a special edition of Photo of the Week. Finally, we take it to the 3rd installment of the Man Vs. School series.

08 Mar 2013
Prom Expo!
On today's show, we stared off with a recap of the prom expo. Then, we take it to another photo of the week and close with another Shawnee Speed Script. Have a good weekend.

01 Mar 2013
Shawnee Students of the Month, February 2012
February's Students:
Freshman: Michael Huchler
Sophomore: Madeline Brown
Junior: Connor Pagano
Senior: Connor Heine

28 Feb 2013
Footloose and The Missing Piece
This week, we opened with The Missing Piece, the Renegade Morning Show's first live band in over a year! First we take it to a Recap of the Shawnee Jazz Festival held on February 8th. Next we take it to the photos of the week, by Allie Ippolito. Then we check out Connor and Zach's photo shoot. Then, Eric Biehn and crew ask Shawnee students and staff a few political questions.

22 Feb 2013
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