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RMS | 3/21/13 Job Fair, #relaxinwithjackson, and Disney!

This week's show was hosted by Sam Mitchell and Katie Carr. We saw a promo for this year's job fair. Jackson Flynn answered some Twitter questions, and Kelsey Haines asked seniors about the upcoming Disney trip!
24 Mar 2014
Shawnee Extra- Winter 2014

Animal Welfare Club: 00:18
Newspaper Club: 02:30
Debate Club: 04:38
Girls Basketball: 06:51
Boys Basketball: 09:51
Bowling: 11:03
Shawnee Acapella: 13:15
Girls Swimming: 15:29
Shawnee All School Musical: 17:38
Boys Track: 19:50
Shawnee Wrestling: 22:00
Shawnee Dance Team: 24:18
18 Mar 2014
Shawnee's Got Talent ad Green Screen Interviews

Pi Day's Renegade Morning Show was hosted by Kelsey Haines and Chris Giuseppini. Sam Mitchell interviewed Shawnee students and brought a green screen with him. Chris Giuseppini took a camera to last night's Shawnee's got talent. Finally, we had another edition of Photos of the Week and Speed Script.
14 Mar 2014
Students of the Month- February 2014

Emma Luling
Kelsey Haines
Gabriella Giglor
Nick Corbi
07 Mar 2014
Students of the Month- January 2014

Blaire Brinster
Lauren Skinner
Emma Caira
Abbey Wiker
07 Mar 2014
Students of the Month-December 2013

Marianne Rotyliano
Madelyn Hinchey
Camille Santori
Dan Mikle
07 Mar 2014
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