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Shawnee Art Show and Larping Club

This week's show was hosted by Veronica Robertson and Corey Smith. We saw three segments featuring this year's Shawnee Art Show. Sam Mitchell went around the show asking students about the art. Brandon Harris asked students what the world would be like without art, and Austin Marsdale awkwardly interviewed some students at the show. Finally, we saw a promo for the Shawnee LARPing club.
16 May 2014
LDTV Awards, Renegames, and Costa Rica

This week's LDTV award winning Renegade Morning Show was hosted by Chris Giuseppini and Eileen Kenny. We saw two recaps of this year's Renegames, from Sam Mitchell and Austin Marsdale. Jackson Flynn relaxed with us again, and we saw some footage from a Costa Rica photo trip from over spring break.
09 May 2014
RMS 5/2/14 I Hall Monitor, Safe Driving, and Renegames

The first show of May was hosted by Ryan Sims and Katie Carr. Jackson Flynn roamed the halls of Shawnee as the new hall monitor. We saw a PSA for safe driving this prom weekend. Tovely Deutch showed us a recap for the New York Auto Show. Finally, we saw a promo for Renegames.
06 May 2014
RMS | 4/17/14 Mr. Shawnee, Animal Adoption Fair, and Spring Break

The last RMS before spring break was hosted by Victor Flamini and Veronica Robertson. Chris Guissippini showed us what happened last night at Mr. Shawnee. Lisa Capasso took a camera to the Shawnee Animal Adoption Fair and Brandon Harris asked students what their spring break plans were.
06 May 2014
RMS I Mr. Shawnee, Cheesy Pick-Up Lines, and Texting and Driving

This week's show was hosted by Victor Flamini and Sean Scannell. We saw a quick look of this year's Mr. Shawnee contestants. Tv Tech students asked shawnee what their favorite cheesy pick-up lines are. Finally, Lisa Capasso showed us why we should never text and drive.
06 May 2014
RMS 4/4/14

Today's Show was hosted by Brandon Harris and Emma Smith. First off we started with recognition for senior Abby Wiker for her phenomenal community service achievements. Next we looked at the seniors' trip to Disney and some photos seniors took at Disney in Photos of The Week. Last we saw what happened when Sam took some April Fools Pranks to the extreme.
04 Apr 2014
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