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Season 11: 2011-2012
[Producers: Megan Swiatkowski, Kara Tabor & Jason Macukewicz]

Season 10: 2010-2011 [Producer: Ryan Fitzgerald]

Season 9: 2009-2010 [Producer: Steve Mathis]

Season 8: 2008-2009 [Producer: Steve Mathis]

SEASON 7: 2007-2008 [Producers: Brandon Manni & Alex Bradford]
December 12, 2007 "Survivor: Shawnee"
December 14, 2007 "Thai Father's Day" - Collage Opening, Scatman School Store
December 19, 2007"The RMS Bunch" - Brady Bunch, LDTV Harassment
December 21, 2007 - "Six Year Disaster" - Xmas Lights, Chorus, and Happy Holidays
January 4, 2008 - "Frosh Prince" - New Years Resolutions, School Store, Frosh Dance
January 9, 2008 - "Craigs Creek" - Boys Bball and Animal Welfare
January 11, 2008 - "I Like McNuggetts" - with Choral Concert Footage
January 16, 2008 - "A Little RMS for Everyone" - Studio B Debut
January 18, 2008 - "Belville Birthday Spectacular" - RMS Made

SEASON 6: 2006-2007 [Producers: Andrew Sims & Brandon Manni]

SEASON 5: 2005-2006 [Producer: Andrew Sims]

SEASON 4: 2004-2005 [Producers: Tori Paneta & Andrew Sims]

SEASON 3: 2003-2004 [Producer: Alex Swift]

SEASON 2: 2002-2003 [Producers: Peyton Ebbeson and David Vendette]

SEASON 1: 2001-2002 [Producers: David Vendette, Peyton Ebbeson & Mike Virgilio]
December 21, 2001 - First RMS - Hosts: Peyton and Mike - Opening: Dave
January 18, 2002 - Hosts: Lauren Tretina & Josh Brilliant - Opening: SNL
February 1, 2002 - Hosts: Josh Brilliant & Mike Virgilio - Lunch: Anthony Bongrazio
February 8, 2002 - V-Day Dance - Hosts: Mike & Matt Gingell - Olympics: Peyton
May 17, 2002 - Disco Shawnee - Hosts: Andrew Hess & Peyton Ebbeson
May 31, 2002 - Senior Class Trip - Hosts: Mike Virgilio & Jake Schwing

The Apple Man Video - This mini documentary about Coles Roberts, known for his famous Jersey Jerry apple farm was created for the Medford-Vincentown Rotary club dinner. Narrated, Produced and Edited by Alex Swift ('04). Crew credits include co-editors Tori Panetta('05) and Sarah Kreider('05), cameras by Colleen Daly('05), Shawn Harriett('06), and Bob Neabor('05).

Medford Lakes Bike Safety Video - Andrew Sims ('07) produced this LDTV award winning video for the Medford Lakes Township Police Department. With the help of compositor Kevin Melfi ('07) and camera operators Katie Ferry('07) and Erin Ferry('07), this video was honored with Best ESA at the 2007 LDTV awards.

Volunteer Firefighter/EMS Video - Andrew Sims ('07) produced this LDTV award winning video for the Medford Lakes Township Police Department. With the help of compositor Kevin Melfi ('07) and camera operators Katie Ferry('07) and Erin Ferry('07), this video was honored with Best ESA at the 2007 LDTV awards.

Homeroom Headlines Flashback - Is that Andrew Sims at age 13. It is. Andrew is joined by former ShawneeTV students Megan Brown ('07) and Doug Widzins ('07).

Wish In a Well Music Video - Nik Tama('07), Tyler Schwing ('07) and Kevin melfi('07) star in this music video interpretation of the hit single "Wish in a Well" by DuPoint.

Project Graduation Promotion - Project Graduation promotional video featuring Andrew Sims ('07) and Jenna Kedersha ('06). Also features Alex Bradford ('08) and Craig Schwait ('08) offering their words on their future Project Graduation experience.

Music Video Project

2002 Winner
Jake Schwing, Pete Norquist & Jake Wolf
Play Nelly Video

2003 Winner
Too Many Good Videos

2004 Winner
Walt Schwank, Brandon Sauer & Joe Hurley
"Push it to the Limit"

Other 2004 Music Videos:
Master of Puppets - Ken Curcio, Joe Devine, Anthony Canale
Safety Dance - Chris White, Aaron Fink, John Wade
Eagles - Matt Barcello, Ashley Brown
Bad - Andrew Sims, Mason DeWitt
Breaking the Habit - Matt Willaism, Taylor Defusco
Eye of the Tiger - Hidayet Agougalu, CJ Brittingham
Ocean Avenue - Kevin Melfi
Pool Jam - Kyle Hodum
Rock Your Body - JJ Horigan
Rustic Song - Greg Lewis
Smells Like Teen Spirit -
Vogue - Scarlett Redmond, Tanya Payne (featuring Joe Hurley and Brandon Sauer)

2005 Winner
Mark Sheffler, Adam Reque & Matt Plowman
"We Built This City"

2006 Music Videos
Boys Of Summer - Mike Gregory, Trish Barcello
Cars- Ethan Lechner, Adam Zweibaum, Mike Spangler, Eric Rizio
Dancing With Myself - Anthony Casciotta, Dan Gutekunst
Danger Zone - Brad Woodend, Brandon Manni, Mike Guida, Dave Simpson
Electric Avenue - Irene Roman, Andrew Jonas
Footloose - Gary Halliwell, Shawn Doyle, Mike Hammeleff
Here I Go Again - Stefan Haller, Steve Fowkes, Ben Abrams, Josh Speasain
It's Raining Men - Becca Sims, Melanie Gorman, Jessica Connors, Jackie Adams
Love Shack - John Sullivan, Kirsten Nisula, Jess Schwenk, Mary Barba
Material Girl - Emily Soriano, Kristen Engelke, Monica Speigel
Always Something There to Remind Me Jessica Gooch, Tyler Birson, Amanda Bonsall
Rock The Casbah - JP Bonnor, Shawn Lechner, Ron Surman, Ryan Taylor
Time After Time - Dihlayla Ibraheim, Sarah Grady, Kylie Greco
Wake Me Up - Mike Harriett, CJ Kelchner, Devon Cobb, Justin Miller
Walk Like An Egyptian - Alex Bradford, Steph Albano, Wesley Zagler
You Give Love - Chuck Hovanic, Steve Jones, John Ferris, Chris Devaney

2007 Music Videos
99 Red Balloons Cynthia James, Jamie Houck, Gabriella Zura
Afternoon Delight - Cody Panetta, Ben Schwing, Aaron Ploucher
Barbie Girl
Gonna Be -Alyssa Rizzitello, Steve Leacock, Ryan Mcloughlin, Corey Vanderpool
Leave the Pieces -Tara Kelly, Liz Heenan, Alicia Schaffer
Love Fool -Erin Vanderpool, Hannah Curry, Kelleigh Best, Casey Walsh, Chelsea Merola
Meand My Gang - Emily Mazzio, Kim Milner, Jess Russo
Mickey -Gwen Sparkman, Grace Kinney, Lindsay Hendricks, Sam Haggerty
Not Gonna Take It -Kyle Smith, Justin Sedarat, Dwan Johnson
Safety Dance
Sweet Child Of Mine
Tainted Love -Tom Streep, Ryan Pretti, Kyle Carlson, Bryan Spoltore
The Stroke - Bryce Johnson, Dan Kent, Mike Timpano, Sean Connor
What is Love -Bryan Gordon, Dave Curry, Steve Madosky, Vince Griffin
Whip It -Ryan McGowan, Steve Moon, Chima Odinkemere, Ryan Stewart
Who Let the Dogs Out -George Hammilton, John Ruggeri, Eric Woloshin, Joey Romanko

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