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RMS 4/4/14

Today's Show was hosted by Brandon Harris and Emma Smith. First off we started with recognition for senior Abby Wiker for her phenomenal community service achievements. Next we looked at the seniors' trip to Disney and some photos seniors took at Disney in Photos of The Week. Last we saw what happened when Sam took some April Fools Pranks to the extreme.
04 Apr 2014

Brain Day, Prom, and Senior Trip

This week's show was hosted by Evan Johnson, and Veronica Robertson. Austin Marsdale took us around Brain Day and Multi-Cultural Day. David Thomas showed us how to get a prom date. And, we had another edition of Photo's of the Week.
03 Apr 2014

RMS | 3/21/13 Job Fair, #relaxinwithjackson, and Disney!

This week's show was hosted by Sam Mitchell and Katie Carr. We saw a promo for this year's job fair. Jackson Flynn answered some Twitter questions, and Kelsey Haines asked seniors about the upcoming Disney trip!
24 Mar 2014

Shawnee Extra- Winter 2014

Animal Welfare Club: 00:18
Newspaper Club: 02:30
Debate Club: 04:38
Girls Basketball: 06:51
Boys Basketball: 09:51
Bowling: 11:03
Shawnee Acapella: 13:15
Girls Swimming: 15:29
Shawnee All School Musical: 17:38
Boys Track: 19:50
Shawnee Wrestling: 22:00
Shawnee Dance Team: 24:18
18 Mar 2014

Shawnee's Got Talent ad Green Screen Interviews

Pi Day's Renegade Morning Show was hosted by Kelsey Haines and Chris Giuseppini. Sam Mitchell interviewed Shawnee students and brought a green screen with him. Chris Giuseppini took a camera to last night's Shawnee's got talent. Finally, we had another edition of Photos of the Week and Speed Script.
14 Mar 2014

Students of the Month- February 2014

Emma Luling
Kelsey Haines
Gabriella Giglor
Nick Corbi
07 Mar 2014

Students of the Month- January 2014

Blaire Brinster
Lauren Skinner
Emma Caira
Abbey Wiker
07 Mar 2014

Students of the Month-December 2013

Marianne Rotyliano
Madelyn Hinchey
Camille Santori
Dan Mikle
07 Mar 2014

Students of the Month-November 2013

Ian Willoughby
Joe Szumowski
Dylan Bell
John Peterson
07 Mar 2014

Shawnee Blood Drive, Shawnee Dance Team, and Ghost Dad

This weeks show was hosted by the cast of Les Miserables. Brandon Harris and Austin Marsdale took us around the blood drive in two different segments. We saw a promo for the Shawnee Dance Team, and Ghost Dad made another appearance.
28 Feb 2014

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